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Medicare and Dental Services

Does Medicare offer dental services? That’s a question many people are asking. The answer for some people may be straightforward, and for other people it may be less straightforward. It all depends on what type of Medicare coverage you have and what is included in your coverage. Just like other types of health insurance, some plans have dental coverage and other plans don’t. If your Medicare plan doesn’t have dental coverage you may be able to get a separate private plan.

Does Medicare Cover Dental Services?

Unfortunately most Medicare plans do not cover any regular dental services. That includes regular cleanings, fillings, tooth pulling or dentures. However, if you need to have emergency dental procedures in a hospital, Medicare may cover it. The incidence under which Medicare may be more likely to cover dental services is if you use Medicare Part C as a private insurance plan which includes dental services. However, you will almost certainly have to pay an extra premium.

Which Dental Services May Be Included In Medicare Part A or B

Medicare Part A might cover some dental procedures if they are needed before a hospital medical procedure. If you need a dental exam before surgery, for example, that would be covered. If you need jaw surgery, any dental work related to that would likely be covered under Part A as well. Some tooth extractions may be covered as treatment for oral cancer and preparation for oral cancer chemotherapy. If any of these exams happen as an outpatient procedure, then it would be covered under Part B. This is really the only case in which dental work would be covered under Medicare Part A or B.

Dental Services and Medicare Advantage (Medicare Part C)

If you choose to get Medicare Advantage AKA Medicare Part C then you might get better dental coverage. These plans are offered through companies that are contracted with Medicare, but are private insurance companies. This is the only way to get covered for dental care through Medicare. You may have to pay a higher premium in the long run, but it might be worth it to have dental coverage. If you want dental coverage, you should thoroughly review the plan you want because they each include different types of things. You want to make sure the plan that you choose has the type of dental care that you want!

In Conclusion

So, Medicare doesn’t traditionally cover dental services unless you need them as part of another procedure. However, if you get a Medicare Part C plan, you may have a better chance of getting dental coverage. If you want to have coverage for routine cleanings, crowns and replacements, root canals and other types of dental treatments that are considered a part of everyday life, then this is the best option to get coverage for your teeth. Taking care of your teeth is an important factor in your overall health. It’s unfortunate that Medicare doesn’t cover it much, but you can still get coverage through Part C.